Warehouse Management Warehouse Management systems are a critical component of an effective overall supply chain management systems solution. Warehouse Management being a critical component in logistics operations, we offer end-to-end solutions on this front. Sky Logistix is well equipped to manage and operate warehousing functions of receipt, unpacking, unit packing, put away, pick, pack, load and dispatch in accordance to agreed procedures including exceptions handling. Sky Logistix has deployed a WMS module which gives details of demand trends, stock supply planning, order management related to the goods availability at the warehouse, freight forwarding enhancing efficiently managing the warehouse operations and the movement and placing of goods within the warehouse thus giving increase in accuracy, reduction in labour costs and greater ability to serve the customer by reducing cycle times.

We Provide:

Contract Warehousing
Multi Client Facility
In-plant Logistic Management
Project Warehousing
Palletized Warehousing
Spare Parts Management
SOP Standardization
Cross Docking Rework and Refurbish Management

Our Services

Sky Logistix uses a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS) which can be tailored to suit all aspects of specific customer requirements whilst simultaneously allowing for nationwide flexibility in terms of warehousing locations. Our WMS's flexibility allows modifications to suit the needs of individual customers, including product data, inventory management, order management. It is fully web enabled.

Services Transportation

Full Loads, Canter loads, etc. Before the process of selection of a transportation mode starts, a few important tasks that have to be done are:

  • Preparation of a full inventory of the stock.
  • Measurement of total weight and volume of the material to be transported.
  • Type of goods to be moved.
  • Time availability The choice of mode of transportation differs from case to case and depends on the customer's priorities. Some of the factors that influence the decision making:
    Cost, Convenience, Time Taken, Carrying Capacity, Effectiveness

Insurance & Services

Sky Logistix can provide for value added services by insuring the goods and precious belongings of its customers by undertaking all the documentation work required for insuring the goods. Packing of the goods is done under the supervision of experts for safe transportation.

Inbound Traffic (Door to Door Delivery)

As a freight forwarders Sky Logistix can provide door to door service with its worldwide network. From the time an order is placed with vendors; Sky Logistix can monitor and coordinate the movement of cargo. Its door to door services is comprehensive and takes into account every cost factor.

Work Culture

Work Culture At SKY LOGISTIX, we strongly believe in achieving sustain a strong performance orientation. To put it quite simply, we expect our workplace as one, which facilitates employees to contribute, a place where they are happy, and have fun, learning and growing as individuals and professionals. We respect the talent and skill of our people as our most valuable assets. We do all we can, to ensure that these are enhanced through training and on the job development. As a Customer oriented industry learning opportunities are plenty, and we encourage our employees to utilize every such opportunity, which will enhance their knowledge. We rate employee feedback highly, which are acted upon in an effort to continuously redefine & improve the way we are as a company and as an employer.


We have state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, independent and inter-connected offices to all locations where we operate. All our offices are well-equipped with latest communication equipment. This certainly enables us to provide transportation and freight forwarding services anywhere anytime. We also have tie-ups with warehouses on major highways that store the goods of our customers during transportation. Our infrastructural facilities ensure total consideration for the goods and enhances the overall competence of our logistics services. Branches Delhi, Nagpur, Ghaziabad, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur.

Our Capabilities

  1. Fully Intergated Transportation Division
  2. Warehouse Management Systems [WMS]
  3. Bar Coding & Scanning
  4. Warehouse Solutions

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